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Enjoy your trip with Royal Cab or Charlotte!

Approved Taxi Rates:

Initial Charge ( to enter cab ) $2.50
Every 1/5 of a mile $0.50
Stopped / Slow Traffic ( under 15 mph ) - per minute $0.50

Airport Flat Rates:

Airport to/from Uptown ( Within I-277 Loop ) $25.00
From Airport ( Within 3 Mile Radius ) $14.00

All Trips Beyond City Limits: Lesser of dispatcher-quoted flat rate or taximeter at destination.

Additional Charges: ( Added To Meter At Start/End Of Trip )

Wait Time Per Hour for any requested stop en route $30.00
Each passenger after 2 $2.00
Household Moving Charges ( Flat Rate per trip plus Meter ) $20.00
Cleanup Fee of any passenger's bodily fluit inside the Taxi $50.00